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There are 12 Houses in Horoscope More. Dowsing It is a type of divination in attempts to locate ground water. Saptachakra Healing It is a process to heal yourself or other and get well.

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Service Packages. Only Sign as per Numerology of 1 Person Rs. Saptachakra Healing 1 Session Rs. Horoscope Details 45 Min Rs. One Day Workshop by Miliend Mahale. Numerology Learn Numerology in one day. Every number has some frequency. But our name may not be on same frequency. Learn how to set your name on good frequency? How to sign? How to choose life partners? What should be your flat number or mobile numbers?

Rajesh Joshi 18 04 Apka Bhagya In Virgo Lagna - Бесплатно скачать Mp3

Which business is suitable in which I wll be successful? Which is my lucky colour? What are my lucky days and dates? Which numbers to avoid? Which numbers are suitable for wellbeing? Dowsing In western countries it is very popular. Get answers to your questions in Yes or No or specified format charts using pendulum. You get exact answers to any of your questions. What shall be good Love marriage or Arrange marriage? Job or Bussiness? How much percentage i will get in exam? Which side to choose?

We are providing 1 Pendulum and dowsers chart to participants. Saptachakra Healing Name itself suggest heal yourself or other and get well. Any disease can be cure by doing Sapta chakra healing. Without medicine without touch. We are providing 1 Pendulum and 7 Chakra Crystal Set kit to participants.

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  • Photo gallery. View all. Esteemed Clients. Tatoo as per Astrology. Aries Arians are fiercely passionate and deeply enthusiastic about their ventures.

    Untimely Death of Rajesh Joshi Astrologer Ludhiana

    Red is their color so add red to your tattoo if you are one! Since Arians have plenty of personal pride, getting their last name inked with blazes of fire around it is an amazing tattoo option. Another perfect tattoo for this sign would be a phoenix, the perfect metaphor for the Arian ability to rise from downfalls.

    Taurus People born under this sign would want their tattoo to be neat and appealing to everyone around. Since they love the outdoors and the nature, flowers are a great tattoo option for them. I knew something was wrong.


    I went to his YouTube channel where there was a message left to his subscribers. Here is the screenshot. Again nothing has been mentioned clearly. I continued my search and finally found a video in some language Panjabi? We are all really shocked and sad to hear that. All we can do is pray for his smooth journey forward. May lord shower his blessings on the departed soul.

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    Below is the video announcing his death. If somebody understands the language please write the meaning the highlights in the comments section. As per the video Punjabi Part , he was born in at Ludhiana, Punjab. He was a very bright student during his college days and started his business at the age of At the age of 30, he lost his father. Family responsibilities came on his shoulders as his brother was younger than him. May his soul rest in peace. Sir you have inspired a lot of people including me. Teaching astrology in free is a great job which very less people in the World will do.

    You have done it and done it time and again. I have great respect for you for this gesture of yours. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Rajesh Joshi Astrologer Ludhiana: Why The Popular Astro Channel Stopped?

    Related Posts. I feel maybe due to those prolonged health complications, he left this world on 28th March Thank you for taking the time and translating the video for us. Appreciate it.

    LEARN ASTROLOGY FROM R epilewygacyg.tk-8.

    Bhagvan unki attma ko santi de. Sahi me.