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Yet Saturn also teaches the virtues of patience, discipline, endurance and duty, and shows us how to maintain glacial calm in even the worst conditions. Capricorn, represented by the Goat, or Sea-Goat, is an Earth sign, meaning that it is primarily concerned with the concrete layers of reality. Earth signs prefer facts to speculations, a bird in hand over two in the bush.

Capricorn is of the Cardinal mode, linking it to initiation and creation — the beginning phase of story-arcs. It is thus the sign where the Earth is reshaped in accord with intention. Mud becomes brick, and bricks become houses. The wet clay, patterned with intention, becomes sculpture. It is thus no surprise that Capricorn is considered to be ruled by the leaden planet. In Capricorn, Saturn wears no disguise, but presents himself in an archetypal fashion. One of the more important factors to consider when differentiating this installment of Saturn in Capricorn from previous instances, is Pluto.

Pluto will be in Capricorn the entire time that Saturn is. The two have one exact conjunction, scheduled for January 12 th , Pluto will serve to further complicate and intensify already potent Saturnian themes. Their copresence emphasizes what has gotten lost in the underworld and needs to be rescued. Contrarily, it also points to badly aging patterns which desperately need to be read their last rites.

Though fascinating, this particular point is beyond the scope of an already sizable article, and best dealt with in a space all its own. Look for that down the line. The two planets conjoin every 20 years, providing a tool for examining history in two decade increments. But these 20 year cycles themselves make a larger pattern. For approximately years at a time, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur in signs of the same element.

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This gives us years of fire, earth, air, and then water. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle thus offers us not only the ability to study history in 20 year arcs, but also to look at the larger spans of history enclosed by the year periods. The next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which occurs during the last days of , will be in Aquarius, an Air sign.

This conjunction will begin another year cycle of conjunctions in Air signs, thus bringing an end to over two centuries of meeting under the auspices of Earth. It is worth noting that there are two methods of calculating when the Jupiter-Saturn cycle shifts from one element to another, the apparent and the mean conjunctions. By the mean cycle, which is a mathematical idealization, we entered the Air cycle in the year It is the apparent conjunction, actually visible in the sky, which shifts us unequivocally into the Air cycle in Since , we have been in an unusual period where the mean and apparent cycles clash, a fact which nicely illustrates the dissonant nature of our current times.

It thus plays a complicated requiem for a pair of centuries which brought us both miraculous physical technologies and the most devastating, traumatic wars ever fought. It is, in a very real sense, the end of an era. The pull toward the past reaches back to the beginning of the 19 th century, and everything which has happened since. There is a two-fold purpose to this siren-call from the tomb. The first is to recover all the valuables humanity cast aside in the frantic 19 th and 20 th century race to conquer the material world.

The wisdom of grandfathers and grandmothers has been rejected by each ensuing generation for centuries now, and we are currently without the wisdom our forebears entered the 19 th century with. This call from the past is not entirely new, and some of the more resilient heirloom seeds have already begun to germinate. Nonetheless, there is still more work to do, more to remember, before we can move on. Yet we are pulled backward not only to recover what was lost, but also to heal.

Collective traumas are still embedded in the body of history, like so much shrapnel. The pain still emanating from them is currently the source of much madness and denial. To figure out how to heal from these traumas, the collective must return to them. The removal of the shrapnel, the extraction of the stone of madness, is necessary but perilous. Wreathed in scar-tissue, these pains have become a part of the landscape of things and extracting them is no easy task. Even once removed, it is difficult to know what to do with these prior embeds, as those who forget history tend to repeat it.

Saturn in Capricorn teaches the wisdom of fortification. Yet Saturn is a hard teacher, and often instructs via necessity. The Wintry lack of abundance which the slow planet often brings about squeezes resources within and without. The fitting response to a difficult environment is fortification — strengthening and reinforcing your position. Imagine your world as a castle. In hard times, its walls must be able to repel intruders and keep safe those who dwell within. Not only that, but that same castle must have enough food to weather a siege. During times of duress, it is only common sense to hold on to what you have and protect it.

Wisdom dictates you make the little piece of the world which is yours better organized, better defended and more fruitful. You dig deeper mines to find the gems hidden at its foundations. You examine your farming techniques, that your fields might be as productive as possible. You minimize your dependence on outside resources, and reduce your exposure to risk. Yet the matter of fortification is not quite so simple. In prolonged defense of everything, we become fossilized.

If we build our castle on a faultline, then our reserves, no matter how vast, will do us no good when the earthquake strikes. There is thus an important question hidden here: What territory are we prepared to concede, and what will we strengthen and defend?

The answer to this question may entail a hard look at your current position. Have you leveraged yourself to the hilt, or bet the farm on the chance that everything will keep getting bigger and better? These are high-risk positions, not suited to the wintry years Saturn in Capricorn lords over. However, as I write this, there is still time to develop contingency plans and minimize unnecessary risks.

There is time to locate the perfect portion of your reality upon which to build your Winter Palace. It may be a physical place, a spiritual place, a relationship or a skillset. Regardless of its nature, it will be your seat of strength, and deserves to be fortified. Just as every structure can protect, it can also imprison. Every palace is a jail for those who are held there against their will. Historically, Saturn in Capricorn seems just as excited to build prisons as he is to aid in the construction of safe and productive lives.

Astrologer Patrick Watson has recently done excellent work chronicling the history of these dire edifices. Indeed, Saturn in Capricorn, being the empowered greater malefic, seems to take great pleasure in hunting those who have long evaded punishment. Here the solidity and weight of Saturn in Capricorn comes down hard, like an avalanche or a cave in, trapping and confining the fugitive. On a mythic level, I cannot help but be reminded of the backstory of the Monkey King from the Chinese literary classic Journey to the West.

I will attempt to summarize it:. One upon a time, there was born a monkey smarter and stronger than all of the other monkeys. This Monkey quickly became the king of the monkey people. First and most obvious of the afflictions his people suffered was Death itself. The Monkey King, being anything but subtle, thought this would be a good place to start, so he snuck down into the Land of the Dead. After a little reconnaissance, he found the Record Keeper, whose documents give the life-span of every creature.

Finding an opportunity, Monkey grabbed the papers which contained the life-span of all his beloved monkeys, and erased them, rendering his people effectively immortal. Now, before long the Monkey King attracted attention from the gods, goddesses and celestial functionaries in Heaven. In order deal with him, it was first proposed that he be taken up to the paradisiacal realms and given a bullshit job to keep him out of trouble.

The gods decided to make him the Minister of the Divine Orchards, in which the Peaches of Immortality grew. It sounded like an important job to Monkey, but in truth, the Orchards needed almost no tending, and the peach trees only yielded their fruit every thousand years or so. Eventually, the fruit ripened, and the hosts of heaven gathered for their millennial feast.

To their dismay, they found Monkey passed out in the Orchard, his mouth and hands sticky with peach juice, surrounded by cores of ravished fruit. Denied the divine nectar of the Peaches of Immortality, the celestial hosts were furious with Monkey. After weeks in the starfire crucible, they opened it, only to find that not only was monkey not reduced to ash, the furnace had merely made him stronger. Freshly-forged, Monkey went on a rampage of mischief. The gods tried repeatedly to stop him, even bringing the entire might of the Army of Heaven against him.

Monkey, of course, defeated them handily, creating chaos on both heaven and earth in the process. Exasperated, the gods collectively turned toward the Buddha to solve this problem. The Buddha smiled gently, and nodded, a solution already in mind. He turned and counted them… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Five new and rather imposing mountains in the distance, all around. He looked up and saw the clouds had taken the shape of immense, kind face. Please stop. After traveling to the other end of the earth, Monkey dropped down with a smirk. Monkey looked around and saw that the same five strange mountains were in the distance, surrounding him.

His grin dissolved. Buddha, having become identical with the Everything-And-Nothing, could not be escaped. The Buddha closed his hand into a fist, trapping Monkey. He then placed a mountain on top of Monkey, and put a spell of the greatest power on it, sealing Monkey securely beneath the mountain. Monkey King would stay confined for years, until Kwan Yin, the Buddha of Compassion, offered him a chance at redemption in order to accompany and protect a young monk on a perilous Journey to the West. The first is that even the most powerful eventually discover the limits of their potency.

To know your limits and respect them is a crucial Saturnian virtue. Sometimes we must restrain ourselves, or be restrained, until we return to a proper state of mind. Yet let us pray for justice to find the loathsome, and for those who become a threat to themselves and others to be compassionately restrained until their sanity returns.

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  • In addition to fueling works of fortification, Saturn in Capricorn also offers the capacity to understand Time and your movement through it. It is the eye of time, hourglass-pupiled and wise. When we gaze through it, we become both patient and ready. We seize the day when it is ripe, and let it pass us by when its fruit is still bitter.

    Seeing time, we understand timing. We become wise. We save our hope for what can be changed, and reserve our fear for moments of real danger. Time does not teach us action or inaction, but their relationship to one another, and how to alternate wisely between the two. Sound and silence alternate, but so too do movement and stillness. Time is thus the mother not only of drummers, but of dancers. Yet what we see through the eye of time is not always easy to bear.

    If we gaze into the past, as the historian does, we discover tragedy after tragedy. Massacres leave behind mountains of bone, burnt books become deserts of ash. Though there are shining golden ages to inspire us, they are the exception, not the rule. The future also intimidates. Legends are full of unhappy prophets. Likewise, the gods and goddesses of fate are rarely, if ever, depicted as jolly or inspiring. To see suffering coming ahead of time is a burden, yet that burden is the price of foresight.

    This is a challenge, for there are always events hiding in both the future and the past which will exceed your current emotional capacity. The blessings of Hindsight and Foresight, the Titans Epithemius and Prometheus, are not without price. Indeed, in Greek myth, the brother-titans both suffered greatly for their gifts. Though there is a price to extending your vision, the benefits are manifold.

    Not only do the secrets of rhthym and timing unfold, but so too does the great law of cause-and-effect. Indeed, there is no learning, no wisdom-with-age, without understanding this law. Attention paid will result in a refinement of virtue and method. Action without later reflection will result in no improvement over time. While such transitions are necessary and sometimes favorable, they are nonetheless jarring.

    They make old maps unusable, and deny the comfort of the familiar. When the world a person expects no longer fits the reality they encounter, they are left without a guidance system for action. When a situation calls for action, but there is no framework for it, anxiety results.

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    Anxiety, when sufficiently magnified, becomes panic. Panic is most common in the face of disasters, which change the nature of the environment rapidly, leaving no time to develop optimal adaptations. In addition to natural disasters, there are also human disasters. The most prominent of these is when a man-built system suddenly ceases to work in the manner in which it was intended. The best remembered of these are financial disasters, which facilitate financial panics. Saturn in Capricorn has looked over a number of these, including both the panic which began the Great Depression, as well as the Panic of , the previous low-water mark for the American economy.

    Panic has a particularly interesting etymology. It is a term with direct reference to the Greek god Pan. This may seem odd or out-of-character, as Pan is usually depicted as a charming sylvan rogue, forever chasing dryads and river nymphs, yet it is very much the case. The word [panic] derives from antiquity and is a tribute to the ancient god, Pan.

    One of the many gods in the mythology of ancient Greece: Pan was the god of shepherds and of woods and pastures. The Greeks believed that he often wandered peacefully through the woods, playing a pipe, but when accidentally awakened from his noontime nap he could give a great shout that would cause flocks to stampede. Thus, the historical pattern of mass panic occurring during Saturn in Capricorn reinforces the symbolic linkage of the Goat and Goat-Headed God, Pan, both known for their jarring yell.

    In addition to the fact that panics result from disasters and accidents, it is also worth considering the fact that panic has been used as a hunting method by humans since prehistoric times. Using loud noises, hunters would spook a herd, causing them to stampede off of a cliff. There are at least two lessons to be taken from this. One, panic is a hunting technique used on groups.

    Unfortunately, it is not beyond the morality of some possessing great power to use hunting techniques on people. You create a panic and you offer only one exit. Some panics are engineered to drive public opinion or money into the only visible exit. Thus, as you watch the world over the next few years, consider the intentions of the shepherds. Fortunately, panic can be avoided with preparation. Panic only occurs when there is a rupture in your world, where you are taken off-map and out-of-scenario.

    Walk yourself, mentally, though the very real scenarios, rather than only through the worst-case. If I lost my job, what would my move be? If I got really sick, what would my move be? If my investments tanked, what would my move be? Working through these situations, as well as the fear they inspire, ahead of time, will allow you to function much more optimally if they do occur. One excellent examplar of this type of awareness was Napoleon Boneparte, who was born with both Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn.

    Napoleon made a regular practice of quietly visualizing everything which could go wrong in the chaos of a military engagement. In his own words —. It is not genius which reveals to me suddenly and secretly what I should do in circumstances unexpected by others; it is thought and preparation. For those unfamiliar with the story, it goes something like this —. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great effort some corn he was taking to the nest. When winter came the Grasshopper found itself dying of hunger, while seeing the ants distributing, every day, corn and grain from the stores they had collected in summer.

    It was then the Grasshopper knew… it is best to prepare for the days of necessity. It goes without saying that Saturn in Capricorn is thoroughly pro-ant, and that grasshoppers will find themselves hungrier than expected during its long winter. Other ants, though proud of their toil and its fruits, will relent and take care of their irascible grasshopper friends.

    Finally, some grasshoppers will smell the snow coming and undergo a metamorphosis, trading their leaping limbs for sturdy backs. Regardless of the many ways the story might play out, look to Ant as teacher and guide during the coming years. The chill of Winter and the cries of crows cannot be wholly ignored. Yet if we can accept that vision, and sit with it, it becomes clear that there is much we can learn during such a time which is impossible to glean during sunnier moments.

    Become both the architect and the brick-layer, and build cathedrals to honor and protect what we hold most dear. The cold eye which Saturn points at rickety buildings and unstable systems is also a gift, as it allows us to see what must inevitably collapse and extricate ourselves from it. Saturn in Capricorn also brings the opportunity to become patient and enduring, to learn how to see things in a wider context.

    It offers us the opportunity to look through the eyes of time. Bad days, even bad years, disappear when set against the backdrop of an entire lifetime. That larger awareness of time puts things in their proper place, keeping high and low points from distorting our perceptions and expectations. The same awareness of time not only grants us greater preserverence and patience on a personal level, it also allows us to watch history unfold without feeling the fight-or-flight adrenal response which social media and the hour news cycle are designed to evoke and exploit, tempting panic.

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    It also grants us the opportunity to recover and digest our own history on a familial, cultural and global level. Those who learn from history have the chance to change the future, and those who commune with their ancestors have the chance to make sure that what is valuable is passed on, and that worn-out patterns are laid to final rest.

    In Capricorn, Saturn turns his gaze on to your career. These years may involve a professional ordeal, of sorts, a slow-motion Everest Climb, or a thorough expedition of a labyrinthine cavern system. Great accomplishments may indeed await you, but none of them will be the product of a single awe-inspiring performance.

    Pace yourself, and save your energy for when you need it. Those who race up mountains tend to fall off of them. In Capricorn, Saturn gazes up at the ceiling of your beliefs, ideals and longed-for goals. The frescos which adorn it feature images of people scaling great mountains and celebrating the virtues of patience and persistence. Yet those images may have started to peel and crack, their colors faded, the achievements pictured becoming oppressive rather than inspiring.

    Some may merely need to be restored to their former luster, their color brightened and their capacity to embolden renewed. Others, however, will be best scraped off to make room for new visions. It is no defeat to let go of old dreams in order to make room for new ones. Over these years, trust will be tested. Some relationships will be confirmed, and be all the stronger, while others will crumble under the pressure. It is doubly important that you fulfill your commitments to others during this period. Make no promises you do not intend to keep, and accept no oaths from people incapable of honoring them.

    It is a time of understanding the price of help, committing consciously to contracts and agreements, eyes open, and then delivering on your end to the letter of the compact. This is a cycle of learning to trust in the strength of your allies, but also a time for learning to distinguish between true allies and mere well-wishers. This indigo light illuminates the people you hold dear, as well as the underlying patterns of how you relate to them. In particular, it will expose to you the contours of your boundaries, and help you see how well they do or do not protect you.

    Consider not just the walls, but the guardians who attend the gates within them. Under what conditions do you permit others to enter your private sanctum? Though there are valuable lessons to be learned during this time, there will also be heavy moments, when the responsibilities of right relationship seem a particularly leaden burden. Conversely, some will find that it is the cold of solitude which tests them. Yet it is better to be alone than to let the wrong people in. To be responsible to your commitment to another is a great virtue, as is the capacity to endure and profit from solitude.

    Sometimes engagement is called for, while at other points divine solitude is the will of the Tao. Remember this, especially, when you consider regular expenditures, and what you can and cannot afford over the long term. Saturn in Capricorn also lays additional stress on your physical health, highlighting the importance of creating and sustaining healthy habits. A well-maintained system rebuffs challenges, while a weakened one cracks at the seams when pressure is applied.

    Greater discipline in this area will yield great benefits, and shield you from many maladies. Overall, Saturn in Capricorn is a time to fortify your health, prune your finances and forge an ironclad work ethic. There is a quarry of clay within you, and from it you can pull the raw material for brick and sculpture alike. Yet Saturn also asks you to consider the quarry itself, and see that it is not inexhaustible.

    Be economical, thoughtful, about what you invest yourself in and what projects you oblige yourself to complete. Saturn in Capricorn points toward your foundations, the land upon which you dwell and the family from which you hail. Libra intends to survive by trying to please others. It is the central indicator for prostitution and for using attractiveness for profits and the purpose of being personally successful.


    This is because Uranus and Aquarius seek abstraction. But of course there are other even though financially less attractive that are politically more powerful than the EU. That is the basic problem of any democracy. The process of the Uranus transit has only just begun. It will be effective for nearly 3 more years and in two different directions.

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    And even the standing of the mass media manipulating industries in relation to the british government, which has traditionally been too strong anyway, will surely be further strengthened. Following the heavy transits of tension the upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on winter solstice day of 21 December could bring about a new era of stabilization in British politics.

    It has to be considered here that this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn are an opportunity to draw the conclusions from the dominant Pluto topics of the current era. The resonance of this transit of seeking to establish solutions will not only effect London but like any other transit will be effective all over the planet. There are of course many other places which on one or the other of the morphogenetic field levels in the holographic structural system have a direct resonance with the last degree of Capricorn.

    Today that may seem far away because of the unfolding of neofascism and hate in the country during the brexit campaign. Neptune brought the german attacks with mustard gas and with Neptune as the indicator for poison and chemical weapons, the trench war with Neptune as the indicator for paralysis, a european-wide depression with Neptune as its indicator, esp. That chart is calculated for the start of the administrational year The logic of the choice of the new year chart implies that the birth moment of modern Great Britain came through the territorial possession of Ireland.

    But the development after World War I brought a new phase in history through the independence of the larger part of Ireland and the beginning process of the loss of british control over the colonies. It appears to be symptomatic of the problem of the british national identity that british astrologers apparently still use that chart although the british occupation of Ireland is history.

    This is a situation that strongly isolates Britain from the rest of the world while British pseudo-nationalism still continues to play on the emotions from the era of british East India Company and the quest for new colonies. And all the unfelt and unreflected issues behind that were topics like the fact that England alone is still identified as the homeland of Britain, that England is ruling Wales, Scotland and the Commonwealth and still worth being identified as the colonialist superpower.

    And Britain is still ifentified as the heart of the anglophile empire is still the motherland of the USA and so on. Apparently the referendum had to come at the moment of the mirrorpoint conjunction of Saturn in Sagittarius the sign of expansion with Pluto in Capricorn the sign of realistic limitation in That chart only reveals the Plutonic overly that covers the deeper view on the question of the national identity.

    Astrologically going down — as a Neptune simile is nothing bad! Therefore — the Saturn-Pluto conjunction over London in simply indicates the end of the profile neurosis from the Empire status. Nothing bad about that — years after the independence of Ireland — an emancipation from the colonies and being forced to take on citizens from the former colonies a. The strongest astrological constellation in this chart was was the highly dynamica, auspiscious and stimulative grand trine of Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter in the water signs revealing emotional self-reliance and completeness as the main issues of this step in british history.

    This trine can be understood as a hint at the ability of the UK to keep up a highly positive long-term relationship and cooperation with a number of former British colonies. Neptune in house 4 the house of emotional identity stands for the fear of drowning. Apart from that inheritance Cancer as the sign of islands and coastlines is a strong indicator for the geographical situation on the british isles. And that process laid the foundation for the structure inside of the country making it a by far more realistic event to be considered in regard to the interior systemical topics of the British homeland.

    And the influence of the catholic nations France and Spain and also of the Pope in Rome on British interior policy was important to be avoided.