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Dreaming of rotting teeth amplifies your fear of losing things and letting go. Dreams about teeth always tend to hide a deeper meaning, especially dreams about teeth falling out. A broken teeth dream represents stress and tough challenges that you face. Dreaming of broken teeth can be interpreted as a forewarning and premonition for a bad decision you are set to make.

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The broken teeth dream personifies the results of making terrible decisions. What the Ambanis gifted Priyanka Chopra on her wedding. Why Cong must take a cue from what Salman Khurshid did not say. TikTok's Madhubala is the latest internet sensation.

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Meet the woman who had a singleton, twins and then triplets.


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Beatles classic 'Abbey Road' tops charts again after 50 years. Angelina Jolie 'lookalike' arrested over 'blasphemous' social media posts. Guests stuck for hours on Disney world's Skyliner Gondolas. Sizeable discounts on Mahindra vehicles this festive season. Man accidentally kills son-in-law. Samantha, Naga celebrate second anniversary. War: Tiger pacifies 4-yr-old who was upset because he fought Hrithik. Dia, Farhan get trolled for 'Save Aarey' posts. Cauliflower vs broccoli: Which is the healthier option? Exactly how Gwen Stefani makes 50 look Older people embrace powerlifting to avoid aged care home.

Lady Gaga shows off new pink hair. Everything is open to you. It's such a positive time when you dream of flying. You're dreaming of death 'While these can be frightening, they usually mean an ending and new beginning,' Robyn says. You're dreaming of one specific person dying Dreaming of a person in your life dying can sometimes be a premonition, Robyn says. But other times it can have a lighter meaning, according to Lauren. People see death as a negative, but in dreams, it's not.

This pill could help. You're not wearing shoes There's an interesting dream interpretation when you're not wearing shoes while out and about in your night visions. There's a tornado This is a common dream, so common that certified dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg says she's had clients who dream of tornadoes once a week. This type of dream is often found in women. Tornadoes represent anxiety and worry that are out of control.

This worry and anxiety is a destructive force just like a tornado is. You're pregnant What it means when you're expecting in your dreams takes on a different meaning depending on your relationship status, according to Lauren. You're driving or in a vehicle that's out of control For this dream interpretation, pay attention to who's behind the wheel, Loewenberg says.

What are you having a hard time taking control of? What are you trying to steer in a different direction and it's just not working?

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You're traveling Dreaming of plane, train, or car travel is very big, especially for young people, Lauren says. It's trying to keep you in balance. You're dreaming about good times with an ex This means you cannot stop thinking about your ex You're fighting with an ex Now dreams about turmoil with someone you were once involved with are a different story than dreams about happier times, Lauren says. You're meeting a celebrity When attempting a dream interpretation of a vision of a celebrity, Loewenberg says it's important to figure out what comes to mind when you think of that celebrity.

You're dreaming about sex 'That's about isolation,' Lauren says. You're having nightmares Maybe the theme changes each time, but you're consistently having scary dreams. What's the dream interpretation?

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It could also mean you're more prone to this disease. Your partner is cheating on you If your partner has cheated on you before in reality, Loewenberg says this indicates a distrust is still there. But the dream interpretation is different if this has never happened before in real life. Many people have dreams of their partners cheating, seemingly out of nowhere, and it can say something about the relationship.

It's typically another thing work, a new baby, fantasy football You feel cheated out of time and attention. These dreams are good for you because they're shining a light on an issue you need to work out. There's water in your dreams 'Any time you dream of water, it's emotional,' Lauren says. You don't know if it's good or bad, but it's an emotional time coming up.


You've had sex with someone you shouldn't have Did you dream you slept with your friend's boyfriend or your coworker? What qualities stand out about that person that you could use right now with your life? You're keeping a secret If you're keeping a secret in your dream that doesn't apply to you in real life, the dream interpretation here still reflects on your reality. Maybe you're insecure.

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Maybe it's a personal viewpoint you don't want others to know about you. If you're getting that type of dream, ask yourself what is it about you that you don't want someone to know. You cheated Like dreams about your partner cheating on you, dreams about being unfaithful with no grounding in reality say something about your relationship. It's taking away from the marriage. You've discovered a secret room 'This dream would indicate aspects of self that are yet undiscovered or undeveloped,' Poizner says. New ways of experiencing the self, a widening or broadening of the self, interests or patterns, may be imminent.

Look at what is in the room for hints about what that potential might look like. Perhaps you are afraid of exposing your true self for fear of being thought of as weird. If your dream takes place in outer space, you are opening to a universal perspective beyond the myopia of mundane ordinary life, tapping into unexplored solutions and inspiration. If you learn to harness these dreams and not be so frightened, you can attune yourself to a higher vision to assist you with your earthbound challenges.

There are intruders breaking into your house ' That intruder symbolizes some kind of negative element you feel has intruded on your normal routine or peace of mind,' Loewenberg says. That's what your intruder represents. You've lost or forgotten your child somewhere Walden says there are two interpretations of this dream. New parents may have it as they prepare to raise their child, but it can also symbolize a creative project that needs nurturing.

Try asking yourself about new projects in your life and the best way to care for yourself through any life transition you may be experiencing, she suggests. You've broken your phone, computer, or TV 'This type of dream usually highlights a glitch in connection with someone important to the dreamer,' Walden says. These dreams can be frustrating, but I believe they have very positive intent. You've met an attractive stranger 'This what I call the 'mystery lover dream,'' Loewenberg says. You're in a plane crash Planes are normally symbols of aspiration when it comes to dream interpretation, Walden says, so dreaming of a plane crash can mean you're worried about a goal that's gone south.

You've gone on a great vacation There are two ways to approach this dream interpretation, Loewenberg says. You're either worked up about something and need a break from it or you're just in need of a vacation. You've made an important discovery Pay attention! Many great figures in the past have found inspiration for their greatest ideas through their dreams, Walden says.