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Your career is flying right now, so if you have a partner, they will defiantly feel second best. Do your best to give them some extra attention. Leo will be a great friend to you this week, so look to them for advice on the relationship and career fronts.

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Start looking of how to better yourself in your career or schooling. Get some letters after your name, why not? You deserve it. Don't fret if your buddy let's you down this week, the signs have been there. Get out of the clouds; you should have known this was going to happen. If you and your partner have not been on any other level lately, start getting spiritual together. If you don't, it's never going to happen. All the major players have been in your house of philosophy and spirituality, so you should feel closer right now.

If you don't, try and read between the lines.


All the lies, cheating, exaggerating and deceit will be over, and the drama will give way to a fun time about to start. Aren't you lucky? If you are traveling this week or have work obligations, you are in luck. Love will come easy to you this week, if you really want it. Work gives you a sense of purpose so if you are in a relationship, don't forget about your partner, you don't like when you have to fend for yourself.

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They will miss having you around. Friday will be a good day to go for happy hour as your charisma attracts even the oddest new friend. Get those things out that you have been dying to say, it will make you feel relieved. Stop being so moody; maybe getting everything off your chest will put you in better spirits. If you are single, the excuses don't cut it this week. Get your nerve up and just ask them out.


What is the worst that could happen? It doesn't matter how cute they are, who's to say they get asked out often. The better the package is the longer it stays on the shelf. You have been letting your emotions take over and leave you up in another galaxy somewhere. Your thoughts have been clouded over by emotions, its time to get back to earth. You have been having a hard time lately mixing reality with your feelings, just face the facts kid.

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  • If you make a change in your dating thinking, you will actually come to a point where your love life will turn around. Right now though, your overanalyzing is not helping anyone, not even you. Only you can decide what to do with this new-found knowledge and be prepared to stand firm for what you believe in.

    Enjoy a shopping experience mid-month. Lucky colour pink.

    Leo July 23 - August 22 Your confidence is the key to your success and don't let anybody ever weaken it. An argument that erupts may upset you at first but you should draw on your stubborn reserve to work your way through this. Don't take life too seriously, let your hair down and have some fun! A new direction or change of focus presents itself and you should go with your instincts on what to do with this opportunity.

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    Lucky colour indigo. Virgo August 23 - September 22 You enjoy life's pleasures but you must keep your health and well-being to the fore at all times. Try not to burn the candle at both ends or it could affect your stamina in the long term.

    It's alright to take the odd risk but keep your eye on the ball at the same time! A good time to put your best foot forward, make a new start and allow yourself the freedom to do what you want. Spare a word of encouragement for a friend who is in a negative place just now. Libra September 23 - October 22 Contact with someone new has a significant change on your life. At first you will notice small changes but as time goes on it will become more complex. It's up to yourself whether you want this to deepen or lessen up. It is important to put your own needs first no matter what you decide.

    A hint of envy reaches you from a least expected source but don't let it get to you. Avail of a quick break to recharge your batteries. Lucky colour orange. Scorpio October 23 - November 21 There will be great opportunities for positive change but you must grab them with both hands. Advice from a friend is not very positive and you must tactfully ease yourself out of their routine. Someone very vocal at work hasn't nearly as much to say on a one-to-one basis - always the sign of cowardice.

    You have been quite careful with money and you owe yourself a nice new purchase, be it large or small. The guests are also provided glasses of water and milk to counteract the effect of the wings. The standard show is Evans and one guest eating ten wings each, but in some episodes where there are two guests such as the episode featuring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele only five wings are given to each guest. A guest who successfully finishes all ten wings is given the opportunity to promote their upcoming projects; guests who fail are still afforded this opportunity but are added to the show's infamous Hall of Shame.

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