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Embrace challenges—hard work pays off. Find hobbies that keep you grounded.

Explore your earthly five senses. Intimacy is powerful—be thoughtful and mindful about who you let in. Learn to share your truth and be vulnerable. Release holding onto information for power. Put an end to calculating behavior and embrace a work ethic that will make you proud. Look out for and recognize synchronicities in the universe and the deep mystery it possesses. Be generous with your earnings and your possessions. When others offer you help, embrace the notion and express gratitude. Catering to your five earthly senses can lead to overindulgence. Release any attachment to material possessions and the desire to overindulge.

Let go of fears around trying new things—learn to venture outside your comfort zone. Embrace risk-taking and joining new groups. Find hobbies that encourage your adaptability, communication, and collaboration. There is beauty in living in the moment—embrace it. Hone your listening skills. Stop minimizing others with your arrogance.


The desire to overindulge must be routinely put in check. Keeping too many options open will hold you back. Leave your home behind and embrace exploration and travel. If you have questions, answer them yourself and learn. Join a class or lecture. Learn to take risks. Make friends in other countries—learn the beauty in diversity. Focus on the bigger picture.

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Manipulation and honesty can be an issue here. Find and nurture deep and meaningful relationships. Learn to stick with an idea and see it through to the end. Find comfort in yourself—release co-dependent behaviors. What kind of lover were you in a past lifetime? Allow yourself to feel and embrace your various emotional states. Family is a priority that will lead to significant healing. Self-care is necessary—as is surrounding yourself with others who are nurturing and compassionate. Establish heart-felt connections that allow you to grow emotionally and spiritually.

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Your accomplishments do not define you. Overworking will isolate you and leave you unfulfilled emotionally. Release the need to make practical decisions rather than following your intuition. There is power in what you feel. You may have issues with your mom that you need to work through. Stop letting your public image define you. A fulfilling profession can enhance your sense of self. Embrace a goal-oriented mentality, learn to prioritize, and strengthen your time management skills. Issues with your father are a focus: you can work through this by searching for a deeper understanding of his role in your life.

Live and lead confidently in your public life and decision-making. Release the need to nurture others and to take on too much. There can be an extreme fear of emotional abandonment. Let go of passive behaviors and the tendency to lead with shyness.

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Be confident in who you are and your place in this world. Expressing yourself is key—learn to embrace your individuality and expression of self. Gift giving can be a way you end up showing you care—thoughtful gifts and spoiling those nearest and dearest to you will bring you great joy. The tendency to react in an emotionally cold demeanor needs to go, as does the desire to be liked and accepted by everyone.

Yes, looking at the positive qualitities of both nodes is key, and realizing that there's gold in the South Node as well, despite the fact that it's comfortablewe've earned it! I think especially in the second half of life it's good to go for the gold in the south node. Also, do you have any squares to your Nodes? This needs to be an article too Say, you sound like an astrologer Thank you Elizabeth!

I started studying astrology when I was about 17, I found a very old pre-Pluto! It went on from there. I've been doing chart interpretations for friends for so long for nothing! That progressed conjunction has just crossed the 5th cusp! As for squares to the Nodes - yes, there's a Neptune square at I'm fascinated by what you've said about "a skipped step", that makes so much sense to me.

It's been a mystery Neptune! I often had a vague sense of discontent around work, but nothing I could fix on.

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  • Illness, a thyroid problem, forced me to leave it took months to diagnose, and months to recover, which seems very typical of Neptune. Since becoming ill, I've been attuned to reiki, and I continue to have healing treatments, have taken up shamanic drumming and am discovering a spiritual path with a very Neptunian group of friends.

    So it is beginning to open up for me, and what was a skipped step is now integrating itself. I have these great ideas around developing creative therapies with children, involving music, drama, art and reiki healing - which I'm beginning to investigate. That would be a great way to work with all the elements in a challenging fixed t-square! Hi elizabeth thank you for posting everything, it's a useful read for me it has been a key issue for a long time now to find my direction in life to find the things that make my heart sing as a true Leo North Noder : but i must say that i'm having some problems and if you have a comment i would appreciate it immensely.

    My NN is Leo in 7th house, SN AQuarius in the 1st House i just cant seem to make complete sense out of this, i feel sometnig but it's not that palpable. I read all about where i should be going to as Leo NN, but when I let go and concentrate on fun, joy, exuberance, play, all of a sudden I feel egoistic 1st house SN , and i've read that I shouldn't be like that, I should look more at other people. BUt then I get caught up with other people and forget about myself, and my creativity, and that feels like going back to my SN Aquarius all over again can you help me out of this mess??

    I'm not asking you for an in-depth interpretation of course, just an insight that might be helpful for my further investigation thank you :. It's an interesting "dance" you're being called to doto be the joyous self-expressive, open-hearted Leo yet to constantly hold in your mind and heart how who you are and what you are doing is impacting the other person and people around you. Just keep it on the Self with a capital S, not the small s and you should be fine!

    Hi Elizabeth - thanks for your entry. As a leo north noder I've struggled my whole life with the fear of standing out which even mainfests as an acute fear of public speaking. I have Aquarius in the sixth house and Leo in the 12th house as my node axis. I've been working on this for years - trying to say what I think as diplomatically as possible and not being afraid to stand out but its a struggle at times. In fact I think I have often found myself with periods of having few friends just in order that I can learn how to be by myself but I usually find friends again after chaning my circumstance- I think this may pertain to my sun in libra.

    Do you have any thoughts about a leo in the 12th house north node? I'm not sure how they relate since they are such different energies. If you are willing, any insight you could give would be greatly appreciated! A good friend of mine has this nodal axis, and I must say she is so much happier and at peace with herself when she finds way to joyfully express her Leo nature with friends and those she loves.

    And she's a therapist and astrologer too, so she does like to go into the unconscious realms and enjoys being helpful to others there. It is an unusual placement, and perhaps worthy of an an depth reading when you're at a transitional time. The South Node in Aquarius in the 6th likes to analyze, but don't forget to embody the Leo in non-verbal activities too.. Hope this helps a little This site is great! Thanks so much for sharing! I stumbled upon it today while searching out karmic astrology and was shocked how badly I've overlooked the nodes all these years. So I really don't know what to think I feel like we all incarnate to do some kind of work right?

    Otherwise why come back? This is so informative! Thanks for posting this info for a us Leo northnoder's. I can totally relate to what your sayin and somehow still find it hard to just take the center of the stage we call life. Why is it so hard, and why are we always looking for validation from others?

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    • My north node in Leo is in my 6th house with a sun in Leo and moon in Pisces. Any thoughts?! Thank you for this. Hate to be a bummer, but why is Joni still single I've adored her as well, deep connection. I listen and feel so there, and I go, But she's alone! If so, I'd love to leave comments Saturday, March 15, North Node Leo. North Node Leo. It's time to take center stage!

      Have you been waiting for the support of friends or colleagues, or even for "more information" before stepping up to the plate in your life? Your Soul yearns to come forward now, to take chances, to see life as a game worth playing—simply because it's fun and a challenge.

      Your North Node in Leo

      Somewhere in your past you may have lost a joyful sense of play and spontaneity and now it's time to recover your exuberant self-confidence again, and to share it. Either earlier in this life or in a former life, you were living on the sidelines watching others interact on center stage. Now its time to engage yourself actively--be creative with a paintbrush, your children, or simply how you live each day. Color outside the lines of your everyday life and rejoice at the results. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.