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Skip navigation! Consider your journey towards inner transformation on October 3, when enigmatic Pluto moves direct.


Let go of what no longer serves you, and move into the present moment with clarity and hope. Communication ruler Mercury passes into the strategic sign of Scorpio on October 3, lending us the ability to think on our feet. Watch out for destructive behavior and tunnel vision during this transit — when Mercury is in Scorpio he likes to shake things up. Remember to take the high road and put others first.

October 25 Scorpio Personality

Our actions become more careful on October 4, when Action planet Mars enters the fair sign of Libra. Be mindful of indecision while the red planet passes through this sign, as it can create stand-still energy. Thought-ruler Mercury opposes innovative Uranus on October 7, motivating us to look outside of our usual routines. Charming Venus makes her way into sensitive Scorpio, intensifying our emotions. Get ready to mix things up on October 12 when Sweet Venus opposes ingenious Uranus. This is a brilliant opportunity to get organized and tie up loose ends.

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A need for intimacy arises on October 20 as sensual Venus sextiles structured Saturn. This is a beautiful day to explore new trends and luxe fabrics as you build out your fall wardrobe. The Sun leaves friendly Libra and enters seductive Scorpio on October 23, encouraging us to pursue our secret selves.

These Scorpios are passionate, they like the excitement of all kinds, and they cannot tolerate a boring life that can be imposed on them — these people particular can sometimes be under the pressure that can come from their families or environment, this is something that some of them fight against, and others do not. There are two types of those who are born on October 25 in aspects that are related to their psychological health. We have those who often and generally ignore the signs and symptoms of a bad health condition, which naturally work against themselves, allowing acute symptoms to turn into chronic illnesses.

October 25 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

They can turn to many unhealthy habits, but they can also become those who are depended on prescribed drugs, believing that they are helping themselves in this. The other part belongs to hypochondriacs, and they are so scared for their health, but they never visit doctors, but they cure themselves, because they know the best. These people have to give shape to their ideas, and you will find out later in the article can they do this in their work and why. As very imaginative people, their visions and dreams cannot achieve anything unless they are converted into physical form — they can become extraordinary artists.

The great challenge for these people born on October 25 never to stop to develop, either at the most basic manifestation of their personality or talent or any other level of their spiritual development -they need to move and change. They cannot fall into the habits and comfort; challenge must be present all the time if they want to progress.

Born On The 25th? (Numerology Of 25)

The love life of these people is interesting, and it is the things that can create a lot of trouble for these humans born on October 25; it is not new information that all Scorpios are passionate and very attractive, even o beryl sexual. They never shy away from seeking something new in love and personal relations. They essentially leave the impression of stable and confident people, although they can be withdrawn or silent, they can be people with many insecurities and problems that can be seen later in a relationship.

October 25 Birthday Astrology

No matter how things in their lives can be turbulent, these people when the moment comes from them have a family; will do anything to provide safe support. Their relations may be unconventional and far from traditional, but they are honest and know how to love. Looking at their lives, these people hate when things are crazy, even if they are those who create that mess — they will not tolerate chaos and prefer for everything to be under control -their partners for example. They can be extremely intolerant to people who are disorderly, indecent or irresponsible, while at the same time, those who belong to this day will act in that way.

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Their lovers will go through hell with them in this way. These people are extremely critical of people who they think are less mature than them, and are often in love with younger people that they can control in some way. And people born on this day are Scorpios; they are all possessive in some way. There so no doubt that these people who are born on October 25 are considered to be good workers, with an excellent memory. They usually do well at school and have a problem in the study, the only thing that can happen is that they can find a life outside the school, and they stop trying completely.

These people love to write and read, they have an uncontrollable hunger for knowledge — sometimes they start learning from the unconventional source of information. These people born on October 25 are not very willing to work with others or to share ideas with others; it is a good idea for them to start their own business early in life.

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They can be creative and musical, have excellent taste and originality in matching and combining colors; they can decorate something like any professional designers. Or they can be involved in music, and they can be those who will create music, rather than performing it. Sometimes they can break themselves from a certain aspect of their lives; they can become obsessive and think that they still can do some things, even if they cannot -they need to learn to gain a great deal of appreciation of time that makes changes on them.