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Leos who can arrange or implement travel plans or forge overseas links should get on with it: there is no time to waste.

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It may now be clear that a major alteration in your work methods or routine is unavoidable. If you make an early start, you should do well, attracting support and admiration.

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  7. Those who now feel neglected or hard-done-by, should have taken the trouble to find out what makes you tick. Neither would they have let you down! Declarations of love are one thing, but you may embarrass yourself as well as others. In fact, your foot may be well and truly wedged in your mouth! It goes without saying that your words need to be chosen with care.

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    Your creative energy should now be at a peak, but not perhaps because the stars are all on your side. No gain without pain is a different way of doing it. Success will be guaranteed on the basis of your experience and skill. The Moon is a warm, feminine energy, and Saturn a cold, masculine energy.

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    The Moon is emotional and nurturing; it is about maternal care giving and intuition, both of which become vital to Cancer. Saturn practices integrity and discipline to achieve goals. A Cancer love mate can show their serious Capricorn companion how to enjoy life and to appreciate beauty and comfort. Capricorn teaches Cancer to be more disciplined and to go out into the world and strive toward goals.

    Earth Signs focus on possessions, Water Signs on emotion and intuition, but also on beauty and nostalgia. The Cancer-Capricorn love mates like to surround themselves with beautiful things — a stately home, gorgeous artwork, expensive cars. Their desire to be economically stable and their love of finery ensures that this couple will work hard toward this and other shared goals.

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    This mutual love for fine things keeps them out of arguments about one partner trying to live ostentatiously or beyond their means. Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal Signs. Both are initiatory, active and ardent.

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