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Still, don't worry about anything less than 30 kilometers. Most computer programs have lists of thousands of cities and their longitude and latitude, so you rarely need to check that yourself. It is done with approximation, and some other tricks. Astrological computer programs do it without hesitation - their manuals should reveal why and how. Anyway, if you're born in a polar region, you should consider this see Ivan Wilhelm's learned text about it. Chart types The internet resources and computer programs listed below have slightly differing designs, but their calculation results should be identical.

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Much bigger differences are to be found in the many kinds of horoscope charts there are to choose between - in any horoscope chart program. There are many options, some of them quite cryptical and confusing to anyone but the most knowledgeable astrologer. If you're not sure about what choices to make, do like with any computer program - stick with the default options. Except for pure differences in design, these are the most important alternatives for horoscope charts: House system.

Planets and points to include. Aspects and their orbs. House system is the way the twelve astrological Houses are calculated.

The most common systems are Placidus and Equal House. Both systems and any other system worth considering have the AC as the cusp of the 1st House. I have the impression that Placidus is the most commonly used House system.

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Me, I prefer Equal House, for a number of reasons. What you should do, though, is to compare the two systems on your horoscope, and decide for yourself which one fits you the best. Planet symbols glyphs. Planets and points to include are numerous, if you allow them all. Some use Chiron, a celestial body discovered in , and some add asteroids, fixed stars, mathematically calculated points, and so on.

Which ones to use?

The ones you are familiar with and have found valuable to include. Again, use your own horoscope as a guinea pig to reach your own conclusions. I recommend that you start with only the twelve of the list above. They are a handful to interpret, so you are in no hurry to complicate your horoscope additionally, before being well acquainted with them.

Why I Still Read My Horoscope

Aspects and their orbs have their default values in any horoscope computer program, but most of them allow for the user to adjust these values. There are five basic aspects, used already by Ptolemy: Aspect symbols glyphs : conjunction, opposition, trine, square, sextile. Me, I stick with Ptolemy. The orb is the number of degrees allowed for an angle to be marked as an aspect in the horoscope.

Of course, the bigger the orb, the more aspects in a horoscope. It is common for astrologers to use different orbs for different aspects - a big one to the strongest aspects, the conjunction and opposition, and a small one to the weakest, the sextile. In any case: an aspect is more important if it is closer to exact. I do so, because you tend to look at relations between planets anyway - whether they are actually in aspect or not - so you need to have the close ones pointed out clearly. No need to make a cobweb of the chart.

Zodiac sign symbols glyphs. Zodiac signs , star signs, are the most well-known components of the horoscope. Aries is the sign the sun enters at the Spring Equinox - in past times this was regarded as the beginning of the year. Your own star sign is simply the sign where the sun was at the time of your birth. Of course, the other planets and points of the horoscope can be in any other Zodiac sign. The above are the central components of astrology and the horoscope. Read more about them on this website, by exploring the menu on the left. I had a lot of love and relationship questions and each answer seems to be spot on.

I definitely will continue to use My Astrologer. Not only are they accurate, but they give you your own free personal horoscope every week and that's truly amazing It gives you hope as well.

Now, 6 months later, it is clear to me that their first readings were spot on accurate. I asked them about my potential for a good relationship with someone I work with. Exactly what they said happened. They told me precise details about how things were going to evolve. They were right and we are now an item celebrating our first month together. My Astrologer is the only astrology app that got all these fully accurate.

Ask anything, from a specific question to general guidance: - Will I find love? We have fixed a couple of small issues and improved the performance of the app. And do not forget to send us your feedback. We love to hear from you! This is a pretty fun app. I met with an astrologer not too long ago and began learning about the principles. She needed my date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth to create a snapshot of where all the planets and stars in our solar system were the moment my soul entered the Universe.

The insights were fascinating and this app provides access to information about the current movement of the planets and stars, what that might mean for you, and for a small fee, you can ask an astrologer specific questions and get guidance. If you believe in this to any degree, you'll really like this app! I'm having a blast with it! After following the advice of the advisors, I realized that this app is a money scam meant to reel you in by giving generic answers, that, at the end of the day, provide unhelpful information that leads to nowhere.

Then, when you ask for clarity or try to follow-up on something mentioned, you receive more unhelpful, generic information.

Find out your Zodiac Sign

Additionally, the predictions given never come to pass. While I do believe that astrology is real and can provide insight, this app should be avoided. From now on, I am going to commit myself to the study of astrology and begin to read my own chart as I am realizing there are way too many scams out here, and this app, along with the advisors, is one of them. This app just brought an immense amount of clarity and peace in less than a day. Thank you!!! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.