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When we get to the topic of romance, an 8 is a hard egg to crack. Just like their poker face, an 8 is a tough read because they don't often show, or say, how they truly feel. And because they're so level-headed, 8 Sun Numbers tend to take the wind out of a lot of sails. Think like a child, here But when someone else shows an interest, they'll pursue hard and fast.

Daily Tarot Reading + Numerology Horoscope For Tuesday, January 8, 12222 For All Zodiac Signs

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It's a day for large public works and big business to make agreements. More focus seems to be on the human condition, the state of humanity. Opportunities to help by personal effort or by philanthropic gestures are likely to be noticed. Tolerance and compassion seem more prevalent and are taken more seriously during the process of making decisions with potential long-term impact.

New discoveries are likely today. It is a day for starting things. Independent action is more likely to succeed.

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The resonance for the day is self-determination and independence with a goal of greater self-sufficiency. Daily World Numerology Forecast. Monthly World Numerology Forecast. Yearly World Numerology Forecast.

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Daily Tarot Reading: 30 01 2015 - Numerology: 8

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Life Path Number 8 Characteristics: Positives & Negatives

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