Capricorn relationship horoscope today

Trusting others is an issue they share, which means both are cautious about getting involved in any sort of relationship, So, while a friendship or love affair may take months to develop the relationships are often lifelong. There aren't many astrological matches that have more "click power" than Scorpio and Capricorn.

When a Scorpio and Capricorn come together in any sort of relationship, there's an innate understanding that life is hard that makes it easy and natural for them to be together. Their compatibility is such that they build up and affirm one another's worth and self-esteem.

The moon enters Capricorn today.

Once they bond, these two can look forward to a friendship or marriage that's extremely long lasting. Scorpio and Capricorn will have an honest, complex, and long-lasting friendship. As friends they understand each other, don't judge the other and can learn a lot from each other. Scorpio will bring out Capricorn's daring side, and Capricorn will contain Scorpio's intensity. Together they are fun and audacious friends that have the power to take over a room whenever they're together.

Scorpio and Capricorn are not quick to fall in love. It's friendship first for this couple. But when they do fall in love, theirs can be the ecstasy and agony kind of love that's seen in romantic dramas.

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There will be a lot of giving and a lot of taking in their love affair and they'll certainly never be bored with each other. Scorpio's emotions are deep, extreme, and expressed in passionate ways.

Astrology for Lovers

Capricorns are aloof, in control of their emotions and seemingly dispassionate. However, they have emotional chemistry. Scorpio is a water sign. Capricorn is an earth sign. In the same way that water gives life to earth, Scorpio can bring the emotions of a Capricorn alive. As a result, Capricorn will be drawn to become more emotionally engaged, and at the same time, Scorpio's emotions will become more centered and grounded.

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It's in bed where the emotional magic happens for a Scorpio and Capricorn. Capricorn is lusty and considers sex a physical release. Scorpio is lusty and considers sex an emotional release. For Scorpio making love is, as the French say, "La Petite Mort," a complete loss of the conscious awareness of self and a complete merging with the emotions and spirit with their partner.

Scorpio has a unique way of creating waves of emotions in their partner and creating such an intense experience that the act of making love with them changes their partner. Initially, Capricorn isn't likely to be comfortable with the loss of control and the deeply emotional experience of making love with Scorpio, but once they realize they can swim around in Scorpio's emotional depth without getting lost, it will open their heart and lead to an exciting, adventurous, and satisfying sex life for both.

Because if it gets too ordinary, Scorpio will stir things up. The good news is that Capricorn can deal with anything Scorpio dishes out and come out fighting. They enliven one another and their marriage can be filled with stormy arguments and a lot of hot make-up sex, but it survives because both are devoted and dependable people who love each other, know life is a struggle and have great fortitude and tenacity.

Highly sensitive to others' denied emotions, Scorpio prefers to stay home alone or to remain on the sidelines. This works for Capricorn also, who, can enjoy an occasional party, but dislikes wasting valuable time on social chitchat.

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Both value close relationships with a small group of low-maintenance friends, and though quiet and understated, they do attract others to them. Save an important conversation for another day. The moon enters Capricorn, creating a more grounding energy, and connects with Uranus, bringing surprising news. Communication planet Mercury opposes sleepy Neptune, and not much is making sense. Your schedule is a mess, and communication is tough.

The moon enters Capricorn and connects with Uranus, bringing surprises about money and shifting your focus to your career. Messenger planet Mercury opposes hazy Neptune, creating confusion in your social life, but things feel more settled when the moon enters fellow earth sign Capricorn, inspiring you to explore new opportunities, especially as it connects with risk-taking Uranus.

Capricorn Love and Relationships

Your ruling planet Mercury opposes dreamy Neptune today, creating a confusing energy. You're feeling nostalgic and not sure where you want to head in the future. The moon enters Capricorn, inspiring you to face your fears, and connects with Uranus, bringing a burst of intuitive insight. Messenger planet Mercury opposes hazy Neptune, creating a difficult energy for communication—nothing is making sense! Your focus turns to your relationships as the moon enters Capricorn, and surprising meetings take place as it connects with Uranus.

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Communication planet Mercury opposes hazy Neptune, creating a confusing energy, especially when it comes to finances. Thankfully, the moon enters grounded earth sign Capricorn, helping you out at work, and connects with electric Uranus, helping you break through some scheduling issues.

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