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Kindly Repair as soon as possible. No vehicle came to pick garbage. Sir, I am residing at Nilothi Extension since last 8 years. Now the above work has been completed and due to above work condition of street got more impaired. We cannot walk into street, also water kept in pits. You are requested to please look into the matter and direct concerned authority to take appropriate action in this regard. I want draw your kind attention towards the street light in my area.

Despite my repeated request you people are not taking any action towards the street light. I have also raised a complaint for the same on You are requested to please look into the matter and resolve it on top most priority. The garbage is continuing to remain at the same place at Opposite Kalyan Vihar,near school compound wall.

Need to repair the road at Azad market to Tis Hazari court near petrol pump. No maintenance of road. Need to clean the drain at Krishna Appt. Block BH shalimar Bagh. Please do it immediately because all the water comes out of drain. Pl depute some safai karamchati. Need to clean lot of garbage under Nangloi PWD flyover. Malba and Rori lying on the road at Gandhi vihar red light Burari.

At the corner of Street No. The JCB deployed for the purpose has hit two big trees and both are uprooted.

One of the trees is badly tilted and is now hanging dangerously over live electricity wires which are running parallel to the busy road on which even DTC buses ply. The said tree may fall any time and snap the live electricity wires and may cause great harm to the lives of the passerby and the traffic underneath.

You are requested to take immediate steps to remove this imminent danger and save the lives of the innocents. The place is full of garbage piles big trucks are always parked here and the passers by usually use this area to relief themselves ie the place stinks like toilets. Smell in all around the area of death bull, it causes people very hard.

Dear sir in this area from 2 days we can't breathe properly because of a dead bull in our area,it's causes many people to ill. Sir I request to u please do as early as possible. Since last 3 road is not constructed properly I have tweet it but no vein.. Water leakage problem false ceiling damaged if you don't repair major loss may happen in coming days.

Request with northern railways to take care of this false ceiling as soon as possible to avoid any major incident. Pwd look into this matter Kishan ganj Railway underpass road totally damaged and water logging. Road damaged and water logging because of this heavy traffic jam and major chances of accident azad market railway underpass near Kishan ganj red light.

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Road condition very bad water logging and road damaged very poor condition azad market railway underpass. Everytime heavy traffic jam because of road damaged and water logging kindly look into this matter urgent visit. Reminder On Full size hoardings covering the bridge from both sides is just a misuse of public spaces. Please help to repair potholes on road while going from Mangolpuri Thana road to Mangolpuri lakkad mandi. KD block ashok vihar ph 1 KC goel marg illegal iron gatar fix the road Danger position Remove the iron gatar.

Convent School. There are too much filth and dust on the road from sarai Rohilla to Punjabi bagh and polluted water emits from industries and its comes on the main road. Kindly resolve this problem at earliest. It has been more than 5 months since the road karala-sultanpur cut to BSM School remained filled with dirty water. But despite several complaints no step has been taken so far. Please do something people here are dying due to harmful diseases created by this dirty water. I need immediate action.

Reminder On Light not working near MundkA metro sation. I want to complain about roads. Our locality roads and sevage system are good and was made about 3 yrs ago but still workers making them again and wasting time and money of ours. I just want to know if condition is good why they are doing this which cause Inconvenience to people. Sanatan dharm mandir near sabji mandi ke pas pada hai Log khane ja saman chhod dete hai Shaam ke baad divider ke sath sath shops lag jati hai Jisse air dikkat hoti hai Plus log gadi divider ke sath park kar dete hai jisse aur dikkat hoti Mandi side mei lagti hai usse koi dikkat na ho woto public k liye hi hai.

Sir hamare Rama vihar E-block me road ka level sahi h but humaari galiyo ki naaliyo ka level road ke naale se niche h. Jiski wajah se gali ki naaliyo ka paani bhar road k nale me nahi Jaa payega or Sara paani galiyo me ikattha ho jaega. Sir thekedar 1,2 logo ke kehne se ESA kaam kr dete h jabki zada se zada log is baat k paksh me h ki galiyo ka level bhi road k hisab se ucha hi hona chahiye.

Please is baat pe dhyaan dijiye jald se jald. Phle hi hamara E-block bohot niche h or agr kaam ache se nhi hua to hamare yhaa aage naaliyo ka paani or barish ka paani galiyo me hi jamaa ho jaega. Bimaari failegi. Rohtak road, Ram pura, punjabi bagh se under paas starting me dhool mitti padi hui he jiski vajah se vahan slip ho rahay he. Kripa dhool mitti hatvaane ki kripa karvay. Pulbangash road is under construction from last few months. No progress is seen yet. Due to which people are facing issues. Also, there are gutters drain grate that have been broken in pieces.

Its heavy metals flies when any vehicle crosses this drain grate. I saw an incident yesterday, a truck was crossing over it, due to its pressure, a heavy metal of this grate flies in speed and went over through a cab. The cab driver was very very lucky, that it crosses merely few centimeters away from front side of his cab.

Otherwise any mis-happening could be occur to him. Please take care of this road as soon as possible, so that such incident never occur in future. In my locality sewage pipe laying work is going on but in my house Lane no sewage pipe has been laid. Due to absence of sewage line people disposes their house waste water in open land which in turn invites unwanted diseases.

We living here very pathetic life. Kindly assist us to have sewage line in our locality I. Tirthankar Nagar Jain Colony. Sewer blocked at Kunji doodhwala near Roshanara road Murarilal building no. Sare sarak ke side per kuda Ka der para hai.. Water is clogged in the drain. They last cleaned it 2 months ago. But even after that nothing has imprived.

Now there are small mosquitos on the water. Please do the needful and help. No cleaning of parks since 2years. Overgrown plants are there. The garbage is not picked up from 2 weeks. The park has overgrown weeds. I am a daily passerby of the given address, The road which connects roshnara Marg Tu to Gulabi Bagh through sabzi mandi underpass is full of potholes and due to which, it's very difficult to drive and cross this area daily heavy traffic jam is observed here, I would request the concerned authorities to look into this matter, I have also uploaded a concerned picture off the road, the road condition is so severe that I have seen two wheelers even three wheelers get stuck in the potholes or sometimes to fall down this causes a huge loss to lies and property, apart from this is there is a medical emergency in the nearby area crossing this road would be a very severe situation as this kind of things are not easy to manage Please look into this matter Your sincerely.

Street light not working for quite a long time. Please check it asap. Need to clean the drain at Guru goalvarkar marg Ladpur village. Due to intense darkness, snatching is at its pick causing lot of fear for women residents to pass through during night time. Kindly take action to rectify it asap. Please inspection road no HAI, Gyani gurumukh singh musafir marg, sector 16an 17 divinding road footpath worst encroachment by flowers, Furniture and Electronic shopkeeper showroom full display and sale materials.

Please clear footpath encroachment. It is even much more shocking when workers despite several requests of the residents of the area did not remove the trunks of the fallen Kikkar tree. Sir this portion of the footpath measuring around 5 ft X 30 ft which is occupied by the trunks of fallen Kikkar Tree is full of garbage, bricks etc.

The situation even worsens as passersby, Auto Rickshaw drivers etc urinate here. People from surrounding area have even started dumping garbage etc, if not checked timely; the situation is likely to worsen. Sir since this place is just opposite to our Gate no. The situation is deteriorating day by day, mosquitoes breed here, as such your good-self is once again very humbly requested to advice the concerned for immediate action in this matter for which we shall ever remain grateful. An immediate action is once again requested please.

Thanking you. Pl remove this plant which is put purposely on public road by locals, permanently from Pt. It is causing hurdle for pedestrians and giving space for encroachment. Pl take n. Please do it immediately because on thursday there is round of Commisioner in this area. There has been a state of water logging near our building due to blockage in sewer. Can we please assist as it can lead to water borne diseases.

Pl furnish ATR of previous complaint?

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Fact is current issue not resolved yet. Upload factual verifiable ATR with pre and post action images of the site. Location Near Punjab Sweets. Verbal complaints to concerned area engineer not provide result. Colony opp. Rana pratap bagh Delhi This 60ft wide road between C. Colony and Rajpura Gaon is filled with these cow and buffalo dairies which have made permanent encroachment on the road and causing problems like pollution and unclean surroundings.

As per the high court, any of such dairies are not allowed in the city but they are still operating freely. Actions should be taken immediately to prevent such things otherwise people will have to take the case on the web media platforms where the entire world gets to see the work of our government. Also, growing illegal parking by commercial trucks and autos have blocked major portion of the road which is not at all allowed by the honorable high court.

The courts have already asked the government to take strict actions on any kind of encroachment but none of it is being implemented. Encroachment at Nangloi sultanpuri mode pillor no ke samne jain electorate avad roop paid podhe lga ke kabja kr rakha h iss video ko dekhe. Encroachment on service lane at Pillar no in front of jain electrical. EE Bldg. All street light not working. SE Dy. Roads are damaged and pits on roads. Please repair the roads. All Sanjay Gandhi transport Nagar roads are damaged. Dengue disease is spreading due to the accumulation of water in the road pits.

Sir yaha par puri gali aur naaalo me kudda jamma hai. Total street has been dug and no action has been taken for 6 month to improve the daily living. Street has been dug-out since 6 month stil no action has been taken to improve the street. Due to start of cibar the street has been deastroy and still no action has been taken to improve the street since 6 month. SE-II Dy. Hawkers and vendors blocking service and throw garbage on footpath between service road and NH. Vendors and hawkers block the service road and pavement. Illegal occupation of one complete side of roads by truck and damaging and uprooting of trees.

Infront of b to B No action taken since over an year. Many kabadiwalas and butchers have severely encroached the Malka Ganj Road near Wine Shops creating multiple problems for law abiding citizens like following: 1. Open culling of birds on road 2. We, citizen of Malka Ganj area Delhi would like to bring ever increasing nuisance created by wine shops in Malka Ganj Area. There are two Wine Shops operating from this area happens to be purely residential in nature with some daily-needs shops along the main road. Due to these wine shops, many people start thronging the area from evening till late night.

Not only these people park their vehicles in haphazard manner, they drink inside the vehicles and pass lewd comments on local residents including women. In fact, even till date, women of our area are scared to go out after 7 PM. This poses a big risk on safety of women, especially at night. Further, a lot of stalls have cropped up in area that sell disposable plastic glasses and mini snack packets to aid open drinking. We would also like to mention that though a police beat has been setup in the area, it is of little use as in peak hours the situation gets completely unmanageable even by the police.

The instances of brawls over comments on women, wrong parking, traffic jams, etc have become a commonplace and area has become almost unliveable. There have been several instances where under-age students as the area is full of PG students, being in close proximity to Delhi University drink openly in the adjoining lanes.

Similarly, almost everyday, someone or the other is drinking openly in day time. Thus, there are multiple social issues that have completely disturbed the peace of this area and made life of the law abiding citizens a living hell. In light of this, we, citizens of Malka Ganj request to please permanently close these wine shops so that we can live a dignified life in the area. There is water logging in sewer multiple times complaints had been done to MCD department but no action has been taken, it is life threating to people living there, because due to water logging there is possibility of disease like dengue, malaria etc.

Malba 3 mahine se pada hua hai. Want to remove Dead tree. Please inspection punjabi bagh flyover par illegal big Commercial holding's lagey hai. Offender's not follow Honeble high court total ban holdings in delhi. Complaint should be forward to senior level for removing this board as this is unauthorized board placed on PWD Road. After several complaints no action is taken againt board nd no removal of board from PWD. Remove this board from here. This board is on PWD Road and it's highly encroachment.

Remove this board on urgently. There is Malwa lying at this location for last months, no proper road here. Also due to this people start using this area as a garbage area. Request you to please remove the Malwa from here and make proper concrete road. Unauthorized board placed on PWD road and its encroachment. Remove this board. Street lights are not working at Tees Hazari to Azad market. Street lights are not working at Barafkhana chowk to Hindurav. Pot holes on road from Haj Manzil turkman gate to Hauz wali masjid mohalla qabrustan turkman gate.

This is on PWD Road.

Please remove this board from here as whole society is objecting for this board. Please repair and clean our streets. I am a sry. Citizen need to walk both morning n evening. Just visit c block park n see the heap of garbage. Street dogs also spoil by potty. This malba is lying on this road for 10 days now. Need to repair the road at Ashok Vihar Police Station back side near market. Road condition is very critical. Water logging due to sewer work done. They are even selling on banned declared days, Shop timings are am to pm.

You can easily see there is lots of garbage and gutka wrappers on road. They must be stopped , i havent found any action taken on them since long. Students of near by school comes to smoke daily, learning rubbish language, what a developing India it is,. Today in morning one autorikshaw overturned and people had serious injuries.

The photo enclosed is 10 days old now the size is much bigger! Kindly remove this board. Unauthorized vendors available in service road at Paschim vihar East Metro Station. It's an unauthorised board placed on PWD Road. Unauthorised garbage Malwa dumped on service road near gate-2 at Madipur Metro station.

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There is a unauthorized board on PWD Road placed outside gate no. Unauthorized Vendors available in service road near gate-1 of Madipur Metro station. These images are from Civil lines north Delhi, just bang opposite to government office. Kindly look after the repair please. Maharaja lal lane, civil lines, Delhi. Have complained thrice for them, but no response. We have already did so many complaints of this board.

This is unauthorised. Unauthorised board on road. Remove it on urgent basis. After several complaints no action is taken on this complaint till yet. Whole AA Block is against this board. Street light not working from last 25 days because of which crime increase in night. Humble request to get it repaired as soon as possible. The dust creates Air Pollution which is harming the respiratory system and damaging lungs tissue of the labour working around and public passing on this road.

Road No. Area Phase-I. Some of the vendors have Encroached and built Khokas, Jhuggi,and have put up permanent rehris in the Indl. Sir we hope that you will take necessary action at the earliest. Thanking You. There are big pot holes endangering the lives of people. No action has been taken for the last six months despite repeated complaints. Street lights are not working at Dhanpat rai urja marg. Sir road of market is not complete Also causes accident n many people falling down Please take action n complete this road.

Naraina Ring road flight over Almost all lights are not working of district park rohini sector Street lights are not working at Barafkhana to Hindurao chevri. Main road broken at road no 30 A-3 green apartment bus stop. It is more than one month old many acci. Very big pit on main road, causing accidents. Complaint not resolved and technician not visit the place and call closed without any information. Stainless Steel Board plugged on road for publicity. Please remove this board. RWA using this board for advertisements and publicity and doing encroachment. Street lights are not working at Street Lights are not working at Inder Enclave 2nd opp secter 22 Rohini.

Illegal construction is being done on first floor of D Forlast four months and now dirty water keeps flowing from the parking area for 10 days. Construction is being done on first floor for last 3months. Street lights on road namely veer banda vairagi marg from Pratap nagar metro station towards kishanganj railway under paas are not functioning. Street lights are not working at Britania chowk to mahindra park. Tower lights around Priyadarshini Apartments a-4 paschim vihar are non functional for last 1 week.

Street lights are not working at Pitampura police line regidence area. There is major space dug up on the road just before that CNG petrol pump in punjabi bagh ring road causing hours of traffic jam and harmful for car suspension plz get it fixed as soon as possible. Deep pot hole on road infront of Aravali Apartment. The footpath at , Sharda Niketan, Deepali Chowk, Pitam Pura, has been completely encroached on by vendors, leaving no space for pedestrians to walk. Malba dumped on the road at T-point Udasin Ashram Paharganj. No street light for last 4 days.

It's hard for small children and ladies to get out. Building is in bad shape can be collapsed at any time. They created a mess on roads. The road is in very poor condition and most of daily worker liker plumber,mother dairy booth is here and public toilets are very unhygienic plz rebuild it very high population of students are living here. Street light is not working. Mitty lying on the road at Shalimar Bagh flyover to Azaadpur. Water logging in area 25 block west patel nagar. Back side of Ambedkar hospital. Ambedkar hospital gate no 3 to 4 On foot path encrachment.

A lot of malba is dumped in front of gate no 2 of Madipur metro station. Please inspection Road no 41, lala jagat narayan marg, pitam pura NSP, Haldiram to Dilli haat chowk tak Near Dilli haat lal bagh functions organization ney total footpath par holdings laga leya hai. Offender's not follow High court total ban holding's in footpath. Please clear footpath holding's. This badly potholed road along with missing divider in Budh Vihar Phase-II in Rohini could be the recipe for impending accidents. Authorities least bothered. Water Logging on road at Mubarakpur Road. The complete road in occupied by illegal momo stall chinese van soda shops and even shop owners have come 10 ft out of their shops and put statues on walking road making parking of cars and walking impossible some people have installed rods on road side and put chains so that they can only keep their things outside on the road people are charging money from momo vendors to allow them stand in front of their shops.

Encroachment of road for car parking, fixing of GI piping with chain. Malba at Jakhira flyover. Respected Sir, I previously made a complaint on my address last 3 week before. But no one visited or listened to our complaint. It is a quite important place which is left dark. Causing problems to passerby.

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The previous complaint no. Please do the help. Yes it is Urgent!! Yesterday they came to harvest the tree from your department, they cut the tree and put it on the road, please remove that tree from it. Malba at Siyaram Chowk begampur. The Road is in very bad condition. Sayed Gaon ShamShan ghaat road.

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Street no. Finish the unfinished work of road at Lahori gate chowk naya bazaar. Need to remove th encroachment at Pillar no to service road Nangloi. Encroachment on the road at Nilothi more to Parshuram Dharamshala. Stree light prblm. Road between c block and e block is digged from last two months. No one is working on it..

I have no idea what is going on. We are facing lot of trouble as we are facing packing isses and it's not safe to Walk. Some one please take is seriously and fix it. I believe pipe installation work is completed last month. Lots of garbage and soil was gather on footpath. Even no one can use foothpath for walking. This situation is created under the campaign of Swachch bharat abhiyan. Many times i complaint regarding the matter but no one came out to resolve it. Sir here in our street , sewer line if blocked so sewage water come from sewers on road leading to foul smell and mosquito breeding sites.

I request you to take action ASAP otherwise there will be many cases of diarrhoea and dengue from our colony. Please pay attention sir. There is no pedestrian crossing near bus stand of E block Shastri nagar due to this people facing issue in their day to day traveling because there is only 1 subway but it's too far from the bus stand and we are not able to walk that much on daily basis. Pedestrian crossing is an essential need specially near bus stand but we don't have this.

It's a big issue for senior citizens as well. Need to clean the road. Water logging at Prem nagar 3 Kirari suleman nagar new delhi north west delhi Man mubarak pur rode. Water logging problem for the last 15 month. Not any action has been taken yet. Street lights are not working at Bangali colony hanuman kumj.

Street light not working. On road damage and rain water problem and whole place fill of dirty water please help this problem solved. The street is water logged causing dengue mosquitoes to rise. Nale ka kuda nikalane ke bad malava udate nahi karan vehar kirari Dehli Malba lying outside sabzi mandi main gate. Malba lying on road becoming reasons of accidents please remove malba immdiately. Enterance in Gali from main faiz road is very dangerous for all street members. Garbage lying on the road at Panjabi bagh towards Britania chowk ring road.

The cyvers are full and drain water is coming out. Need to remove the stones on the at Kirti Nagar railway underpass. Unauthorized rehries blocks the service road under Nangloi Metro Station. Street lights are not working at Burari village Jaroda village gali no.

Water Logging on road at tees Hazari Court towards Barafkhaana. No person from the department has come to check.. The sewer is still blocked.. How come the complaint b closed? Not Working and Darin Block.

Public Works Department

Sir yaha kae saalo se fothpath or road par kabza hai. Pls apse request hai is problem ko solve kijiye. Meri maa ka accident bhi ho gya hai fothpath par bilkul space nae hai chalne ko. Water logging at Prem nagar Mubarakpur road. Street Lights are not working at Barafkhaana to Azad Market. Street lights are not working at Kamla Nehru park to Barafkhana. Road light is not working.

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There is a heavy water logging in our street now the water become green and produce very dirty smell no one can cross the street. There is a dealer who sells raw material for building material he has occupied half of the road and we people face problem driving out oour vehichle i would like if you take an action on him as soon as possible. Water bloking problem on road.

Condition of road from subsidy mandi mortuary till Tis hazari metro station where road had dugged up from last one year and never repaired till now. Branches of tree are widely spread all over road creating difficulty in commuting from residence to Mukherjee Nagar, Banda Bahudur Marg, Delhi The road is full of water.

Nobody cannot drive vehicle. E rickshaw is falling in water. Most people are injured due to this problem. This is very big problem for our local citizens. Paani jma hone se kaafi jaam bhi lagta h or students ko bhi school jaane me kaafi dikkat hoti h or us road par kaafi pot holes bhi h paani jma hone se vo pot holes me log or vehicles gir jaate h.

It takes a lot of trouble to get to and from the water on the road.. Dust lying on the road at Village Prahladpur main road Delhi ac. C main road block has been encroached by car repair shops and it leads of our way blockage for vehicle movement. School buses also find it difficult to find space to stop. Aquarius is ruled by the planet uranus. They will not hesitate to join you in your latest adventure. It can only lead to a connubial bliss. Boyer terry l. Based more on reality and pragmatism than on fiction and fantasy. Either your original work andor work that you received and modified.

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