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House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Chinese Horoscope ox Horoscope. Weekly Monthly Lucky Number: 6, 9. The limited blessing from auspicious stars and the adverse effect of several inauspicious stars will make Ox mentally and physically exhausted in You are easy to have health problems, tend to suffer unexpected financial losses and have a tense relationship with your family and neighbors.

The personalities of the combined Pisces signs

So don't be too fussy in the year. Stepping into which is a year of Earth Pig, you are supposed to bid farewell to the dark year and usher in good luck, but the limited blessing from auspicious stars, only 'Tang Fu', and the adverse effect of several inauspicious stars will make you mentally and physically exhausted. First of all, any little bit of inattention will lead to health problems. Secondly, you tend to suffer unexpected financial losses and have a tense relationship with your family and neighbors, so don't be too fussy.

As a result, you should develop a financial plan to make ends meet, and stay away from borrowing, guaranteeing and gambling. For males under the Ox sign, you should pay special attention to women around, and avoid spending on womanizing or having your career affected by private emotion, which may bring you to failure. At other times, the Goat will accuse the Rat of being obsessed with money.

When these arguments erupt, the Rat needs to remember that the Goat needs to have certain hobbies that are performed for sheer pleasure. Similarly, the Goat must remember to shoulder some of the financial burdens, even if it means selling the fruits of their artistic labor. Problems can often be resolved by throwing a fun party. Both these signs enjoy spending time laughing with their nearest and dearest. As far as sex is concerned, the Goat will set the tone. Once the Rat understands what kind of lovemaking their partner desires, sparks will fly.

The Goat loves creating fantasies, and the Rat adores fulfilling them.

Life is never boring when a sociable Rat teams with a fun-loving Monkey. These two thrive in the company of others, and often throw rollicking parties.

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The lighthearted Monkey helps Rats laugh off their financial fears, while the clever Rat enchants his or her lover with fascinating bits of trivia. Hard working and energetic, these lovers can pull in lots of money in a short period of time.

Year of the Ox

Both the Rat and Monkey need to keep busy. The Rat and Monkey would be wise to combine business with pleasure, and could run a successful hotel, dance club, or restaurant. Being steeped in a social environment only deepens their love for each other. Sexually, this is one of the most dynamic duos around. Both the Rat and the Monkey have voracious sexual appetites, and enjoy role-playing and heavy petting.

For more love insight, toss the coins with a Love I Ching Reading , and start improving your love life now. The Rat and Rooster make an uneasy alliance that can be smoothed by mutual respect. Both of these folks are thrifty, and can work together to build a sizable nest egg. These two should confer before making any large purchases. When it comes to chores, the Rat should resist the urge to micromanage the independent Rooster.

As far as making love is concerned, the Rat and the Rooster must tread carefully.

Pisces Zodiac Constellation Drawing Sticker Sticker

Often, these signs will use sex as a means to exert power over each other. Resolving arguments through sex can be extremely healing for the Rat and the Rooster. Actions speak louder than words in this relationship. The Rat and Dog make a satisfying pair. These two thrive on making schedules and budgets. As far as time is concerned, the Dog needs to permit the Rat to explore new social vistas, as this sign thrives on stimulating company.

Both the Rat and Dog are extremely loyal. Too much of a good thing can be terribly boring. Impromptu dates, surprise gifts, and spontaneous lovemaking will keep this union alive. If the Rat becomes snappish and irritable, the Dog should inquire about problems and lend a sympathetic ear. When the Dog becomes pessimistic, the Rat should crack a few jokes and do some celebrity impersonations. A careful balancing act allows both parties to maintain a happy, healthy, and positive outlook. When it comes to sex, the Rat and Dog are something of a mismatch. If the Rat takes a gentler approach to lovemaking, Dogs can be encouraged to explore their earthier desires.

Rat and Pig The Rat and Pig make an adorable couple. Everybody acknowledges that this couple is a match made in heaven. In some cases, they actually strengthen it. Blessed with tons of pals, these two are happy to blend their social circles. As far as this couple is concerned, friendship is the most precious commodity. Even though the Rat has a reputation for being frugal, this sign is willing to lavish the Pig with a breathtaking array of expensive baubles. Still, the Pig should keep in mind that the Rat needs a hefty savings account to be happy. Then, when their financial picture is looking up, the Rat will be happy to mark the occasion with a sumptuous gift.

Sexually, these two go together like strawberries and cream. Ox Businessmen will prosper in this Chinese year of the pig. Test Now! The Chinese yearly zodiac predictions for the Ox forecasts bliss at the start of the year of the pig.

Daily Planetary Overview

You are likely to earn some extra cash. This is the time to invest, whether it be in stocks or just in your hobbies. The middle of the year should come with a steady spring of money. And the end should bring you an extra burst of cash again. This is a great year for making money. The Year of the Pig predictions for the ox suggests that your mind and body will feel much stronger. You should work out your mind and body to keep up this trend. Make sure to keep an eye on your diet this year as well.

You may also want to join a sport. You will be the happiest when you are doing something this year. January will be full of activity and a lot of hard work. But this will prove to be fruitful in the end. February will be a month when your job will demand your attention. March might be a slow month for the Ox sign with everything going as planned. May warns you to be careful about your food and eating habits. It is better to be careful now than to repent later. June might be the month when you will need to decide between being truthful or keeping your eyes closed.

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