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And, for the fourth time this year, there are spiritual changes — changes in practice, teachings and teachers. Health needs more attention until the 22nd. Make sure to get enough rest, and enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report. After the 22nd the health is super.

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Venus, your financial planet, is still in your 5th house until the 20th. So money is earned in happy ways and is spent on happy things. You enjoy the wealth that you have. You probably spend more on children or the children figures in your life, but can earn from them as well. On the 20th Venus enters your 6th house, signalling earning through work and productive service.

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Probably you are spending on high-tech gadgetry or technology upgrades. This seems like a good investment, as technology is important for earnings. Love is happy this month — but better after the 22nd than before. Neptune, the love planet, started to move forward on November 27, and will be moving forward for many more months. He is also receiving mostly positive aspects this month. The Moon will visit your 7th house of love twice this month too, adding to the social energy.

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They will spend much more time with their household members. Their household will turn into a reliable fortress for them. If you want, you can lead a most reclusive style of life. But, the stars won't be against an opposite style of living either, where you will be constantly meeting your friends and participating in different events. The main thing is to make it comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Do not leave them alone during cold December nights, otherwise, one day you may not feel familiar warmth returning home after another day at work. It is a good time to think about a lot of things, but do not devote too much time to this thinking, because life is primarily outside, not inside, of you. Monthly December Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo. December Horoscope December monthly Horoscope for 12 Zodiac signs. Horoscope Comments: December Horoscope Virgo.

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