November 5 tarot

Brave, yes, but often foolhardy, too. He is also spoiling to show off his prowess and dominance in a fight. But a more experienced Sword carrier easily sees through the feints and boasts of the adversary and picks only the battles that matter.

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If the Page represents some other person you are dealing with, avoid being drawn into their arguments, for often they are traps constructed from an immature ego and a need for drama. Be intelligent about whether you can realistically disarm or persuade the person who disagrees.

Confrontations and arguments are rarely much fun. Like the Page of Swords , watch your back, stay on the high ground, and keep up your guard if you truly must. But notice when your defensive hackles go up and understand the difference between real challenges and provocation. Keep asking yourself — what am I seeing? What am I saying? Is it true? May our watchfulness, our magic, and our courage all serve only the highest good. Share this:. Thank you for this very timely reminder, Beth. And may human beings think about benefiting each other.

It is so true and a big part of the problems we are now facing, I believe.


And this reminds me that the Page of Swords is an eternal scholar, too; so being well-informed is a passion of his. Such an important point pun intended! For some reason when I saw this card it felt like youth stepping up to the plate. I hear that more than twice as many young people have registered to vote in this midterm than the last. Our youth seem energized and aware of the dangers lurking that need to be addressed. This card makes me feel rather hopeful. Blog More….

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Byron Katie D rum roll, please, for the all-important card for this week of astronomical Samhain , Diwali, the Scorpio New Moon, and of course, the hugely important American elections. And the winner is — The Page of Swords. Caution is urged. Due diligence is necessary.

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The Pinocchio Test In the run-up to the American mid-terms election, as well as in the struggle among our UK friends who are thrashing it out over Brexit , the legitimacy of information itself has been under siege as never before. Stay Cool Whether on the national level, or in our personal lives, this week we are being urged to carefully investigate the information that may affect our decisions.

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Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. Comments on this entry are closed. November 5, , pm Beth. November 6, , pm Jacqueline. Stay Connected.

November 5, 2018 - Tarot Card of the Day

Get my award winning newsletter! First Name. Is this site of value to you? My work here is a labor of love, and a donation would mean a lot to me. We cannot let go of the times behind us, so there they sit as we carry them along our path. We could feel depressed by the number of struggles we have gone through and our inability to fully let them go, or we could embrace our past as something that makes us wiser, stronger, and more compassionate.

We do carry heavy burdens that have changed us as people, but these changes make us the people we are today. The things we have gone through give us special skills and strengths that no one else has. They are unique to us because our experiences are unique to us.

ARIES: Reversed King of Swords

We have grown in our empathy and our perceptions of life. We know how to support people in ways that match what they truly need. We also can see through things that would have tricked us in the past. Traditionally, the Prince of Disks is slower moving and takes their time to make decisions. They do this in order to think deeply about what is their next step.

This Side Knave of Wands

The pains of their past have given them wisdom and insights. They use this knowledge to think through all the scenarios and what could go wrong. Through this card, we tend to be smarter in the choices we make. We do not fall for the same mistakes and we put the relationship with ourself first. But we can also fall into a pattern of not making decisions and overthinking everything.

Our past can make us too critical and we can feel like inaction is the best choice. That is where the 8 of Wands is here to support us. You may remember that we pulled this card last week as well, so the blessings of this energy are continuing to expand. The 8 of Wands or Swiftness, is a card that removes obstacles and propels things forward with incredible ease. Similar to a quartz crystal , this card is all about amplifying the vibrations that are already present while bringing an added clarity.